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Automatic filter is used to explain series of general parameters
Dec 27, 2017

Single flow rate: 80 ~ 1100m3/h

Minimum working pressure: 0.1mpa

Maximum working pressure: 1.0mpa, 1.6 MPa, 2.5mpa

The highest working temperature: 65 ℃

Range of filtration precision: 30 ~ 3000 microns

Pressure loss during cleaning: no greater than 0.01 MPa

Water requirement: 80 ~ 120 litres (minimum working pressure)

Self-cleaning time: 10 ~ 60 seconds

Control mode: PLC intelligent control, pressure difference, time, manual, fault alarm.

Power requirements: ac 380V, 50Hz, 0.55KW

Installation form: horizontal installation. Also can be installed according to the situation level, vertical or inclined