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China has developed its own technology for high-speed diesel
Dec 27, 2017

From at the beginning of introduction of foreign technology had to export overseas markets now, chairman liu PI with: this product in the process of research and development, is the biggest wealth for an enterprise to bring our technology team level increased, so his improved manufacturing capacity, then the master processing personnel also led to a lot of their thinking, in the end of the late assembly, test, some of this process is the ability of the diesel engine technology improving one of the biggest driving force.

To produce large cruiser, frigates, carrier, you need high speed diesel engine, also is the "heart" ship needs a strong, in the 1990 s, China did not need a capable of producing large warships of high speed diesel engine, all rely on imports, but in 2013, the Chinese heavy industry in henan province enterprise technical personnel broke the foreign technology monopoly, research and development production out of the high-speed high-power diesel engine with independent intellectual property rights, not only for our country own ships fitted with "heart" of China, also exported to overseas.

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