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Fully automatic filter indicates structural features
Dec 27, 2017

1. High filtration efficiency: the unique filter structure greatly increases the effective filtering area of the filter, thus improving the filtration efficiency of the filter, so the equipment is smaller and more compact.

2. Intelligent control: PLC control, automatic backwashing filter, automatic discharge, no personnel duty.

3. Continuous water supply: the anti-flushing system has no intermittent water supply, and the water consumption is small.

4. It is convenient to use, and according to the requirements of the site, there are many kinds of structural forms to choose from, which can meet the requirements of site installation, operation and maintenance.

5. Accurate filtering accuracy: the filter precision can be selected from 30 micron to 3000 microns.

6. Low operating cost: automatic control, saving manpower; Compact structure to save space investment; Operation and maintenance saves the running cost.