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Introduction of various parts of diesel engine
Dec 27, 2017

1. The main function of flywheel flywheel is to store the energy of the work stroke, overcome the resistance of auxiliary stroke to maintain the uniformity of crankshaft rotation, and make the internal combustion engine work smoothly. For this, it can store a certain amount of energy and release it when needed. 

2. The flywheel shell of flywheel is installed between the engine and the gearbox, external crankcase, starter, oil sump, and built-in flywheel assembly to connect the body, protection and carrier. 

3, flywheel ring gear, flywheel on the outer pressure have a gear ring, but with the starter drive gear meshing, the starter of the power delivered to the crankshaft of fittings, main effect is to realize the starter and the momentum transfer between the crankshaft and inertia for engine. 

4. The role of flywheel bolt flywheel bolt is to generate sufficient pretension force when assembling, so that the friction torque generated between the flywheel and the crankshaft at work can deliver torque. 

5. The starting process of an internal combustion engine is referred to as the starting process of an internal combustion engine. The device required to complete the starting process is called the starting device. The starting device of the engine mainly includes: power starter, electromagnetic meshing type starter, deceleration starter and permanent magnet starter, air starter, etc

6. The machine oil pump is the power source of oil pressure and flow in lubricating system. It ensures that the engine lubricates the oil pressure and flow. The structure of the oil pump has gear type, rotor type, blade type and plunger type. The usual gear type and rotor type and so on.