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The automatic filter explains the working principle
Dec 27, 2017

The water from the inlet 

(1). enters the filter and enters the filter 

(2). The filtered water flows out from the outlet 

(3). In this process, impurities in the original water accumulate on the surface of the filter. A differential pressure differential is formed between the filter and the inlet, when the pressure differential deltap reaches the time value of the preset value of the pressure differential controller 

(4) or the electric control box 

(5). Automatic cleaning function start, open drain valve 

(6), and the atmospheric pressure in the filter under the action of pressure difference, between the outlet of impurities on the surface of the screen with stainless steel brush 

(7) was carried out on the filter cleaning, impurities through the drain valve 

(8). In the process, the motor 

(9) makes the stainless steel brush to do the spiral scanning on the surface of the filter screen and clean the surface of the whole screen. Purge and end, drain valve closed. A cleaning cycle ends. If the outlet pressure is lower than the set pressure value, the equipment enters the backflush state, the anti-washing indicator light is on, the automatic actuator shutoff valve plate, the discharge solenoid valve (or electric valve) opens. Return to work after 2-4 minutes delay. If the outlet pressure is higher than the set pressure value, the equipment will remain in normal water. If the water pressure is still below the set pressure value, then the equipment will work for 2-4 minutes, and the reverse wash will be 2-4 minutes, which will repeat until the water pressure value is higher than the set pressure value.