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The diesel generator set up the taboo
Dec 27, 2017

No cooling water in the water tank or after starting

After starting the diesel engine, the cooling water will be added, which will cause the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important parts to be blown apart or deformed due to sudden cold. Also, such as the cold snap in body to join 100 ℃ boiled water, can also induced crack cylinder head and the body. The correct method is: before start the engine, must want to join the cooling water first, join in the diesel engine within 60 ℃ warm water after preheating, and start again.

Do not supply oil according to the regulations

We should not put the pressure relief handle into the position of "work" after starting the diesel engine or starting, but we should put the throttle lever into the oil supply position before starting the diesel engine. Not according to the instructions of the harm is: when start the engine, if we first step on the gas in oil supply, will cause the waste of fuel, and redundant diesel will scour the cylinder wall, make the deterioration of lubrication between the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner was exacerbated wear and tear, and the residual oil into the oil pan will be diluted oil lubrication effect, and the result in incomplete combustion of diesel will be too much in the cylinder form carbon deposition. The correct method is: preheat the engine, refuel the door oil, then start.

3 avoid pull the car to start

When the diesel engine starts up in a cold car, it will increase the wear and tear between the components, thus reducing the service life of the diesel engine.

Do not change lubricating oil and fuel oil

The winter and summer temperatures are different, and the oil is different. High temperature in the summer, if not in good lubricating oil with high temperature resistance index (e.g., 40, 50, 60), the oxidation stability of lubricating oil becomes bad, increase its thermal decomposition, oxidation and polymerization, easy to bad. At the same time, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will decrease with the increase of temperature, and it is easy to cause oil consumption too fast. In winter, if the diesel engine with low viscosity and low oil and freezing point is not replaced in time, the diesel engine will be more internal resistance, and it will be difficult to start, and it will accelerate the wear and tear of each movement.

Bake in an open flame

Application to prevent fire, fire or coal fire, must be in a certain distance (30 cm) baking of diesel engine oil pan, slowly shake shaft oil at the same time, make the oil evenly heat, can make each part have been lubrication. If the ignition starts at the inlet pipe of the diesel engine, the ashes and the hard debris that will be burned by the material will be sucked into the cylinder, causing the entrance and exhaust valve to be closed and the cylinder's wear will be accelerated.