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After The Diesel Engine Starts To Check
Dec 27, 2017

1. Listen to the diesel generator set without abnormal noise, if any, stop immediately

2. Check the oil pressure gauge. Under normal conditions, the oil pressure of the cooling machine is not less than 35psi

3. Check the generator frequency, the voltage value is stable and the charging machine working condition

4. The above three conditions are normal. After 10 minutes of no-load engine, load operation is carried out

5. Avoid long time running under the operating conditions of 80% rated load

6. on load under the condition of listen to the diesel engine has no sound, check the oil pressure, water temperature (92 ℃)

7. Check for oil leakage, leakage, air leakage and abnormal vibration of generator set

8. Check whether the temperature of the bulb shell is abnormal