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Automatic Filter Design Features
Dec 27, 2017

1, filtration equipment adopts the patent technology of the mechanical structure, internal realized in the true sense of high pressure washing function, can thoroughly remove strainer intercept the material easily, no deed corner in cleaning, no flux decline, guarantee the filtration efficiency and long service life.

2. Automatic filter adopts 304, 316L stainless steel wedge filter, with high intensity, high precision and corrosion resistance. The highest filtration precision can reach 25 microns.

3. Automatic filter through its own retrieval and strain function to realize automatic backwashing, which can handle unstable water fluctuation without manual intervention.

4. The automatic filter is less vulnerable, has no consumables, low maintenance cost and simple operation management.

5. The automatic filter is accurate and can adjust the time and time setting value according to different water source and filter precision flexibly.

6. In the process of backwashing, the automatic filter (group) filter is conducted in turn. Ensure that the screen is safe and efficient, while other filters are not affected and continue to filter.

7. The automatic filter adopts the drain valve, the anti-flushing length is short, the anti-flushing water consumption is small, the environmental protection economy.

8. The design of automatic filter structure is compact and reasonable, it covers a small area, and it is easy to install and move.