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Daily Maintenance Of Diesel Generators
Nov 30, 2018

In order to extend the service life of diesel generator sets and its use efficiency, in addition to seasonal maintenance, it is not possible to ignore the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets. Only starting from a minor point can the diesel generator set be effectively used. So what does the daily maintenance of diesel generators need to do?
First, diesel fuel and lubricants need to be checked, because diesel generators have been static for a long time, and various materials of the unit itself will have complex chemical and physical changes with oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc., which will cause hidden but continuous damage to the generator sets. So how to manage diesel and lubricants?
1) Note the location of diesel fuel storage: Diesel fuel tanks should be placed in closed rooms. On the one hand, it is due to the fire safety system. On the other hand, it is also to ensure that diesel fuel will not deteriorate. Because the water vapor in the air condenses due to temperature changes, the water droplets gathered after condensing will be attached to the inner wall of the fuel tank. If they flow into diesel fuel, diesel fuel with excessive water content and excessive water content will enter the diesel engine. High pressure oil pump, It will gradually corrode the components in the unit. This rust will have an important impact on the performance of the precision coupling parts. If the impact is serious, it will damage the entire unit.
2) Note the preservation period of lubricating oil: Generator lubricating oil has a shelf life. Long-term storage will change its physical and chemical properties. After deterioration, the lubricating oil will deteriorate the lubrication status of the unit during operation, resulting in the risk of damage to the generator parts.
Second: check start solenoid valve
When the power unit is running, it can be checked by watching, listening, touching, and sniffing. By listening at startup, take the original Cummings generator set as an example. After pressing the boot button for three seconds, it can be started. During the three-second startup, two clicks can normally be heard. If you only hear the first ring and you can't hear the second ring, you need to check whether the start solenoid valve is working properly.
III. Inspection of batteries
Diesel generator sets are not often used on a daily basis. The normal start of generators and battery maintenance are the key determinants. There will be "voltage and no current" failure when the battery pack is in trouble. In this case, the electromagnetic valve suction sound can be heard in the start-up motor, but there is no driving shaft. The battery battery can not be shut down because the battery is not charged when the battery is tested, resulting in insufficient battery power. At the same time, if a mechanical oil pump is used by Pidaichuandong, the amount of pump oil at the rated speed is large, but the battery battery supply is insufficient, which will lead to the spring in the stoppage valve due to insufficient suction of the electromagnetic valve. The fuel ejected from the oil hole, Can not be shut down. There is also a situation that may be overlooked. Domestic batteries have a short life span of about two years. If you forget to replace them regularly, this will happen.
The basic maintenance method of the above three points must be paid attention to during the use of diesel generator sets. Therefore, it is even more necessary for users to pay attention. It is possible that a small mistake will cause a failure of diesel generator sets, so it must be prevented.