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Diesel Engine Sealing Cylinder Operation
Dec 27, 2017

Single cylinder diesel engine stops oil

This kind of sealing cylinder that only takes oil without removing the moving parts is called the cylinder (or stop cylinder, operation).

1. Use the stop oil mechanism (special tool, lift the rollers below the plunger of the high pressure oil pump, so that the roller is out of contact with the CAM, and the cylinder pump stops working;

2, can also be used to open the oil return valve on the cylinder injector way to stop the spray fuel into the cylinder. But don't take off the high pressure oil pump suction valve (if equipped with, the way to stop the oil supply, in order to avoid the fuel injection pump accidentally killed due to dry friction.

The following measures shall be taken after the oil is stopped by a single cylinder:

1. Properly reduce the lubrication and cooling of the cylinder.

2. Open the indicator valve of the cylinder.

3. Only remove the sealing cylinder of piston assembly

Only remove piston components (including piston rod stuffing box and handle). The connecting rod and crosshead remain in the machine with the crankshaft in motion.