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Fault Diagnosis Method And Elimination Of Diesel Engine
Dec 27, 2017

(1) check the water leakage of the cylinder liner, and observe whether there is water flow in the outer rim of the cylinder liner in the electric light. To check the cavitation erosion, it is to observe whether there is water flow down the inner hole of the cylinder sleeve.

(2) check whether there is a crack in the cylinder cover, whether there is a crack in the intake vent and whether the middle coolers are leaking, whether there is water in the exhaust pipe or in the intake vent. To crack the head of the cylinder cover, check the head of the cylinder.

(3) check the leakage of the oil injector sheath, the oil spill from the high pressure oil pipe, and the oil spill back to the oil pipe, all of which can be removed from the cylinder cover to observe during the operation of the engine. Also can be in the engine static state, remove the cylinder cover cover shell to observe whether the oil leak in the jacket.

(4) check whether the oil cooler is leaking, but check whether there is water in the low temperature cooling water. This is because in the engine operation, if the oil cooler is leaking, the oil pressure is bigger than the water pressure, the oil will leak into the cooling water.

(5) cylinder head, body, supercharger intermediate crack, water leakage inspection, often through sealing test, single from naked eye observation is difficult.