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How To Test The Cylinder Compression Pressure Of Diesel Engine With Cylinder Pressure Gauge?
Dec 14, 2018


The cylinder pressure gauge is used to detect the compression pressure of diesel engine cylinders as follows:
1 interest the engine, in situ operation, until the engine coolant temperature reaches 80 °C, stop the engine operation.
2 First, clean up the dust and dirt at the installation hole of the blowing oil injector.
3 Remove the high pressure tubing and return tubing joints from the injector, remove the injector, and install the 5880kPa pressure gauge in the screw hole of the injector(never use a hand-held pressure gauge). A gasket shall be placed at the junction of the pressure gauge joint and the oil injector seat hole to prevent leakage.
The engine is driven by a starter. The maximum reading of the pressure gauge is the cylinder compression pressure value.
The measured value shall not be less than 20 % in comparison with the original standard values and the pressure difference of each cylinder shall not exceed 8 %,,,,

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