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Maintenance Of Diesel Air Filters
Oct 25, 2018

Diesel engine air filters generally use paper filters. After the pipes or filters are blocked by grime, the intake volume will be insufficient, causing diesel engines to become stuffy, weak, warmer water temperature, and tail gas to become grayish black.; If the air filter is not installed properly, air containing a large number of impurities will not pass through the filter surface of the filter core and enter the cylinder directly from the bypass. In order to avoid the above, it is necessary to strengthen daily maintenance.
Dust accumulated in the dust collection area, leaves, and cyclone pipes of the crude filter should be removed frequently. When maintaining the paper filter core of the air filter, it can use a light vibration method to remove dust. It can also be brushed along the fold direction with a soft brush. Finally, the compressed air with pressure of 0.2 ~ 0.29 MPa can be blown out from the inside. It should also be noted that the paper filter core should not be cleaned in oil, and contact with water and fire is strictly prohibited.
In the following cases, the filter core should be replaced immediately: The diesel engine reaches the specified operating hours; The inner and outer surface of the paper filter is grayish black, and it has deteriorated or its sealing performance has deteriorated after being infiltrated by water and oil. Paper filter core ruptured, perforated or end cap degumming.