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The Structure Principle Of Automatic Filter
Dec 27, 2017

The water filter junction consists of the shell, the multi-element filter element, the anti-flushing mechanism and the differential pressure controller. Casing of diaphragm plate inside cavity can be divided into upper and lower two cavity, the cavity is equipped with multiple filter core, so that make full use of the filter space, significantly reduced the volume of the filter, are installed in the inferior vena recoil wash suction cups. At work, the turbid solution enters the filter chamber through the entrance and enters the inner cavity of the filter core through the diaphragm hole. The impurities that are larger than the gaps in the filter core are truned away, and the net fluid reaches the upper chamber through the gap and is finally sent out from the outlet.

The filter core adopts high - strength wedge-shaped filter to control and control the filter core automatically. When the impurity accumulates in the filter surface causes the import and export pressure difference to increase to the set value, or the timer reaches the preset time, the electric control box sends out the signal to drive the anti-flushing mechanism. When backwash suction dish and filter imports are pair, the drain valve is opened, the system pressure drainage, chuck and filter the inside a relative pressure below the filter of the lateral pressure of negative pressure zone, forcing some net circulating water from the inside filter lateral flow filter, adsorption on the inner wall of the filter in the impurity particles with flow into disc and is discharged from the drain valve. The specially designed filter causes the inside of the filter to produce a jet effect, and any impurities will be washed away from the smooth inner wall. When the pressure difference of the filter is returned to normal or the timer set time is finished, the material does not break the flow during the whole process, and the anti-washing water consumption is low, which realizes the continuous and automatic production.